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The Sava Parks Network

The Sava Parks Network is a network of protected areas along the Sava River and its tributaries from the source in Slovenia to the mouth in Danube in Serbia. The goal of the  Network is the preservation of natural and cultural values of the Sava River and its floodplains, its biodiversity, ecological integrity and cultural heritage.

The Sava Parks Network is being developed through the project “Strenghtening of the Sava River and its floodplains” which is carried out in collaboration of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution, the EuroNatur foundation and Croation Society for the Birds and Nature Protection. Timeframe of the Sava Parks Network project is from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2016. Financial supporters of the project are: Euronatur Foundation, European Commission, Aage V. Jensen Foundation, Michael Otto Stiftung Foundation and Wetlands International Organization.

On World Wetlands Day, 2nd February 2015, the representatives of the institutions that manage protected areas along the Sava River have signed the Declaration of the Sava River Protected Areas Network. With the signing of the Declaration and adoption of the Sava Parks Guiding Principles on Nature Conservation, River Rehabilitation and Flood Prevention and Sustainable Regional Development,  member states institutions of the Sava Parks Network have taken responsibility for the conservation of biodiversity of protected areas along the Sava River and have also committed on cross – border cooperation according to sustainable development in protection of natural wealth and European cultural heritage.

  1. To exchange, enhance and promote expertise in the management of natural sites in order to improve the protection of the Sava River, its floodplains and tributaries within the protected areas along the river and beyond.
  2. To formulate guiding principles for nature conservation, river and floodplain restoration and wise use along the river course.
  3. To raise awareness of the national and international importance of Sava River's biodiversity value through joint initiatives and to improve knowledge about the natural and cultural heritage of protected areas within the Sava River Basin.
  4. To cooperate and contribute to the activities of the Sava Parks Network.
  5. To take action to promote environmental imperatives and wise use in sectorial policies and to mobilize national and European funds for nature conservation and river and floodplain restoration.
  6. To influence the implementation and future development of national policies, regional programmes and EU Directives, to benefit the conservation of the natural heritage along the Sava river.
  7. For the interim period, the undersigned representatives nominate Mr. Goran Gugić as the official representative of the Sava Parks Network in international fora.

The Sava Parks Network was established to serve as a platform for information exchange and mutual capacity building among its members, it will reexamine and analyze development projects and regulation investments that represent main threats of the Sava River and its floodplains.

Even though the Sava River is rarely used for commercial shipping, the goal of the navigation plans is to upgrade the navigation of the Sava River from class III to class IV (between Sisak and Slavonski brod) and from class IV to V between Slavonski brod and Belgrade.  

These navigation plans anticipate the deepening of the river bed, construction of 106 new river training structures and 27 new embankments which would lead to the complete deterioration of the Sava river and its floodplains.

Along with the existing 29 hydropower plants in the upper part of the river basin, construction of ten new hydropower dams is planned which would result in the disconnection between the river and its floodplains, disruption of sediment flow, surface and groundwater level decrease as well as further endangering of already vanishing habitats and species that reside in these areas; like the Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho).

Activity 1.1.1. Relevant partners for the Network identified.
Activity 1.1.2. Kick off meeting in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
Activity 1.1.3. Signing of a Declaration of Cooperation
Activity 1.2.1. Conduct two thematic workshops
Activity 1.2.2. Conduct exchange tour

1st meeting, Una National Park, November 2014.
>>Table of potential and threats
2nd meeting, Zagreb, February 2015.
>>Press release, >>Presscut

Activity 2.1.1. Detailed situation analysis and scope for the preparation of guidelines formulated
Activity 2.1.2. Conduct monitoring of indicator species and develop monitoring/study concepts for fish species and English oak expansion
Activity 2.1.3. Conduct expert studies on floodplain forests and restoration potential
Activity 2.1.4. Evaluate information on sustainable development
Activity 2.2.1. Nature Conservation Guidelines drafted
Activity 2.2.2. Restoration Guidelines drafted
Activity 2.2.3. Sustainable Development Guidelines drafted
Activity 2.2.4. Final guidelines published
Activity 3.1.1. Launch call for submission of pilot projects
Activity 3.1.2. Select pilot projects / contract recipients
Activity 3.2.1. Pilot nature conservation project(s) implemented
Activity 3.2.2. Pilot restoration project(s) implemented
Activity 3.2.3. Pilot regional development project(s) implemented
Activity 4.1.1. Project outcomes summarized and reported
Activity 4.1.2. Evaluation of project outcomes on national level
Activity 4.1.3. Conduct final workshop
Presenting / discussing outcomes
Activity 4.2.1. Presentation of the project results to international organizational bodies
Activity 4.2.2. Presentation / promotion of outcomes / benefits at the Ministries

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