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Canoeing in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park – Canoe Rental

Enhance your stay in Lonjsko Polje with a canoe safari. In the Info Centre of the Park in Krapje you can hire a canoe and luxuriate at your ease in the lovely Posavina landscape on the little river or canal Veliki Strug. The Strug has retained its natural course, and recreation by canoe in an oasis of greenery is a real pleasure for an unforgettable holiday for the whole family, as well as those who want to make their stay here an active experience. A canoe safari is adapted to any age and to people with various degrees of fitness. Since this is a lowland river, there is hardly any chance at all of capsizing. We do recommend taking though: waterproof and buttoned or zipped up clothing, light sporting footwear, a rucksack and a light bag, a pair of binoculars and a camera.

Najam bicikala u infocentru centru Krapje

Canoes available for hire: K-500 canoes, 10 (for a possible total of 30 people)


- Length: 5 metres
- Width: 0.80 metres
- Displacement: 0.15 m, waterproof locker
- Weight: 50 kg (total weight capacity 350 g)
- For up to three persons.

Accessories: paddle and lifejacket

Location: Strug River, length of route 4 km

The canoe programme lasts from May 1st to October 31st

Najam bicikala u infocentru centru Krapje


Where can you hire a canoe in the park?

• Reception Centre at Krapje no. 16 (for groups, advance notice is required)


Price list for canoe hire:

• up to 3 hours ………………….70 kn (10 EUR)

The price includes canoe and extra equipment (paddle and lifejacket).


Do you want to go canoeing with an expert guide?

We can also organise canoeing tours led by an expert Park guide.
If you decide to set out on your adventure with us, the services of an experienced guide come to 500 kuna (the programme lasts for 4 hours)
Group size: 6 – 25 persons

Najam bicikala u infocentru centru Krapje



In addition to these prices, the visitor has to pay an entry ticket into the park according to the currently valid price list.
All prices include VAT.
While renting a canoe, the renter has to make a rental agreement with the institution.


For reservations and additional questions, please address:

tel.: +385 (0)44/672-080
fax: +385 (0)44/606-449
mob:+385 (0)98/222-080
e-mail: info@pp-lonjsko-polje.hr