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Code of Conduct in the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park


Code of Conduct:

  • shut the gate in the fence behind you when you enter the Polje
  • watch the animals in the Park quietly and peacefully – do not chase them or harass them in some other way
  • do not pick and gather the flowers and other plants
  • respect the privacy of the people who live in Lonjsko Polje
  • take your rubbish away with you and put it in a proper place
  • do not take your cars into the floodwater retention zone (the other side of the dyke)
  • visit Mokro Pojle and Poganovo Polje only after informing the Park Administration – in these areas there is always some danger of landmines
  • do not move off the designated tracks and roads
  • visit the bird sanctuaries (Rakita, Krapje đol) only after giving notice to the Park Administration – simultaneous visits to these areas are possible only for small groups, and then in the presence of a Park staff member
  • if you should notice anything unusual or improper or any undesirable situations, please phone ++385 (0)44 672 080


Dear Visitors,
Please respect this Code.
Thank you,
The Park Administration


How to prepare for a stay in the Park

Lonjsko Polje is a marshy and watery area, but it can nevertheless be extremely hot. There are not many shops, restaurants and the like in the Park, so please take this into consideration, and bring enough food and drink with you.

To make your stay in the Park as pleasant as possible, we recommend you bring the following:

• hiking shoes (and if possible a spare pair of shoes)
• long-sleeved shirt and long trousers (because of mosquitoes)
• anti-mosquito preparation
• cap, hat or sun-shield (walking in the open)
• enough liquid (water, tea or some refreshing beverage)