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The Flood Control System

In the past, the uncontrolled regime of the Sava River in the area of Central Posavina, the central Sava valley, and the frequent damage done to Zagreb, Sisak and Karlovac by flooding meant solutions had to be found to enable them to be protected against the big waters.
The central Sava valley system of defence against flooding uses almost 200,000 hectares of the natural floodplain areas of the Odransko, the Lonjsko, the Mokro and the Ribarsko Polje as well as the areas of the Kupa valley as the crucial and only possible solutions for protection of these areas against flooding. These natural retention areas are important not only in the flood defence system, but also in the process of treating the waters from the watercourses, and have an important role to play in the renewal of ground water.
In the international context, the area of Central Posavina with its flood defence system is one of the first examples in the world where defence against flooding is based on the use of the natural flood plain, known in the world as “room for rivers”.