The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

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A Ramsar site

An important feature in the area of Lonjsko Polje is the great and still largely unspoiled spaces of natural wetland habitats; they constitute one of the greatest values in biological and landscape diversity in the whole of Central and Western Europe.  Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is enrolled on the list of wetland habitats of international importance in accordance with the Ramsar Convention. By signing the convention, the Republic of Croatia bound itself to continue to ensure protection of wetland areas and waterfowl.  This area is important as an overwintering site and a resting place for migrating birds; in addition, almost 140 species build their nests here.
The values of Lonjsko Polje can be preserved only with sensible use through the preservation of the traditional farming, the development of sustainable tourism and management of the Sava River basin in such a way that the impacts on the ecological and morphological characteristics of the area are minimal.