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Course for guides in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

1 Title of programme Course for training guides in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
2 Implemented by Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Pubic Institution
3 Associates in the implementation Local government
4 Purpose and objectives of the programme Involving the local population in interpretation of the value of the nature park, as part of the visiting system, through education the local population about the fundamentals of ecology, nature protection, interpretation and communication
5 Area of the programme Lonjsko Polje Nature Park
6 Financial outline of the course 30,000 kuna
7 Implementation of the programme (training, methodology) Pursuant to an open competition the Institution selects 10 to 12 course members, priority going to persons:
  • whose residence is in the Park
  • persons who are members of one of the associations that deal with the breeding of breeds that live in the Park, with traditional fishing, traditional artisan crafts of cultural and art programmes.
The course lasts 7 days, and during five-day theoretical and practical training acquire skills and knowledge concerning the basics of ecology, nature protection, communication, interpretation and monitoring the state of affairs in nature.
The course comprises lectures, workshops, teaching in the field, and a written and oral test, with successful candidates being given a certificate at the end.
The course is carried out according to the Rangers’ Manual a publication of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution
8 Equipment A multi-media hall, terrain vehicles, binoculars, terrain sheets.
9 Curriculum Themes: interpretation, presentation, communication in nature protection, basic natural and cultural characteristics of the area, ecology, traditional livestock keeping
10 Results Trained guides that can when needed be involved in the Institution’s visiting system
11 Ongoing collaboration in the context of the programme After obtaining a course completion certificate, and if the need arises, course members can be involved in the park visiting system as guides/educators.
12 Contact persons Valerija Hima, natural resources manager
Tel: +385 (0)44 611 190
e-mail: bio@pp-lonjsko-polje.hr
Edvard Bogović, head of the promotion and tourist service
Tel: +385 (0)44 672 080
e-mail: info@pp-lonjsko-polje.hr