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Valorisation of the Turopolje Pig Traditional Products

The project “Valorisation of the Turopolje Pig Traditional Products” is part of the EU project “Preparatory action on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture (leaflet_project_background.pdf, 7.70 MB). This activity has been initiated by the European Parliament and financed by the European Commission. https://ec.europa.eu/ .
The main objectives of the project are:

  1. better understanding of the role of European neglected genetic resources in agriculture and how to use their resource as an economic potential
  2. present examples of successful preservation of neglected native breeds and varieties
  3. make them economically sustainable
  4. encourage farmers and other interested parties to engage in similar projects throughout the European Union

The European Commission has selected 4 pilot areas in Europe and the project is being implemented by “Arcadia International” from Brussels. Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution with the endangered native breed - Turopolje pig - was selected as the pilot area for Croatia. Lonjsko polje Nature Park Public Institution has been implementing the project in cooperation with consulting company Arete s.r.l. – Research and Consulting in Economics from Bologna. The partner to the Institution on the project is "Agrarno savjetovanje" d.o.o. from Zagreb.

The Turopolje pig is one of the oldest European pig breeds and indigenous Croatian breed, originating during the early Middle Ages in the area of Turopolje.
The Turopolje area is situated east of Zagreb between the Sava and the Kupa rivers, and in the past, pig breeding was the most significant economic branch in the area. The Turopolje pig is an endangered pig breed, which is bred in the area of Turopolje and Lonjsko polje. In the past, the meat from local Turopolje pigs was predominantly used for the production of meat products from pork meat. Due to the small number of Turopolje pigs, this breed is nowadays in the state support programme. There are currently 14 registered producers in the Republic of Croatia with a total of about 124 sows. The institution responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the breeding programme of the indigenous breed of the Turopolje pig is Plemenita Opčina Turopoljska from Velika Gorica. (http://turopolje.hr/).
As part of modern trends in the protection of local breeds and their production systems, as well as the trend of consumption of traditional dry-cured meat specialties, re-cultivation of Turopolje pigs for the production of local meat specialties is justified.


What are project aims?

The aims of the project „Valorisation of the Turopolje Pig Traditional Products“:

  1. To develop a range of traditional products from Turopolje pigs
  2. To increase and stabilise the production at the breeding farms in Turopolje and Posavina
  3. To develop a national products trademark
  4. To develop the market for traditional products from Turopolje pig, starting from the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution, which is presently playing a crucial role in promoting the breeding programme in the park area and implementation of the project

The immediate objective of this project is to spread the breeding programme and preserve the traditional breed of Turopolje pig.

Project activities


  1. Definition of the traditional products from Turopolje pig which will be commercialized (valorization_pruducts_turopolje_pig.pdf)
  2. Definition of technical characteristics of the products (organoleptic characteristics)
  3. Definition of quality standards and guidelines for the production of traditional products (definition_identification_products.pdf)
  4. Test production
  5. Development and design of the product logo and brand
  6. Development and design of packaging



  1. To research available financing instruments (measures_finance.pdf)
  2. List of strategic partners in the project development (producers, processors) (list_stakeholders)
  3. Drafting of business Agreement proposal on cooperation with producers, processors and strategic partners
  4. Organization of meetings with all project stakeholders and introduction to the rights and obligations (ppt_projekt.pdf, meeting_report_1, meeting_signature_list_1)

    Lonjsko polje
  1. Calculation of costs for the Turopolje pig production
  2. Definition of selling price for each finished product from the Turopolje pig
  3. Identification of public institutions to be involved in the project
  4. Feasibility study for the production facilities
  5. Involvement of consumers for obtaining feedbacks on new products and selling price (research_results.pdf)



  1. Market analysis
  2. Marketing plan development
  3. Business plan development



  1. Communication with Public Administration
  2. Communication with producer associations and consumer organizations
  3. Internal communication with breeders and information exchange
    (meeting_report_2.pdf, meeting_signature_list_2)
  4. Presentation of the project and products at fairs (Gudovec_report.pdf, Gudovec_signature_list, Gudovec_presentation_zm.pdf, Gudovec_presentation_dk.pdf)

Lonjsko polje



Lonjsko polje