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Management Structure


The Institution is organised as a single legal entity in the structure of which there are no subsidiaries. The bodies of the Institution are the Governing Council and the Director. The institution is governed by the Governing Council and managed by the Director. The expert work of the institution is run by the natural resources manager. The head ranger carries out expert matters concerning direct supervision in the nature park pursuant to the Law on Nature Protection.

Office of the director
The office of the director conducts administrative and business services for the director and handles services to do with protocol, public relations and contacts with the media, contacts and communications with the national and local government and with other legal and natural persons.

The Protection, Maintenance, Preservation, Promotion and Use of the Nature Park Service
This service is in charge of matters relating to the protection, maintenance, preservation and use of the Nature Park, particularly matters concerned with drawing up programmes for protecting, maintaining, preserving, using and promoting the Nature Park, the implementation of such programmes, monitoring the condition of the landscape and the animate and inanimate world in the Nature Park, concern for capital investment in the Nature Park related to the protection, maintenance, preservation and use of the nature Park as well as other related business services.

Ranger Service
The ranger service is concerned with supervision and control in the Nature Park related to the implementation of the Nature Protection Law and the Regulations on the Internal Order of the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, and undertakes the measures provided for in the law with respect to persons who have breached the law or the Regulations on Internal Order.

Promotion and Tourist Services
The promotion and tourist services conduct matters related to the promotion of the Nature Park at home and abroad, organise and conduct guided tours and visitor reception, supervise tourist and recreational activities and organise seminars and symposia.

General, Joint and Technical Services
These services see to administrative, personnel, legal, financial, book-keeping and accounting affairs, and the maintenance of structures, equipment and vehicles.