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The authors of this guide for teachers were course members of the Practical Training Programme in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in 2002; the project was financed by USAID.
The success of any project at all for environmental protection depends on the awareness level in the population at large. For this reason, the basic objective of this manual is to create a positive emotional bonding between children and nature.
The Guide is meant for teachers so that they should find it easier to select given activities, according to whether they can be done before visiting the Park, during the visit to the Park, or subsequently. The choice of activities is very various, ranging from intellectual puzzles to educational games, in which we have attempted to present the essential elements of Lonjsko Polje – the plant and animal world, the traditional wooden architecture, the ethnographic heritage and diversity, as well as the significance of the floods for this region.
Activities are also split up according to age groups of children between 6 and 15.
The activities include the following topics: ecology, biological diversity, observing and exploring nature, the problem of the pollution of nature, scientific research, and teamwork exercises.
We hope that you will select the activities that are most appropriate to your pupils and that you will have fun together with them in getting to know the beauties of Lonjsko Polje.

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