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Boat rides



Boat Trip by “Katarina 1” (70 Persons) NEW!

Tourist boat „Katarina 1“ is situated on the dock below the railway bridge in Jasenovac, and has the capacity for 70 persons. This boat offers circular excursion rides that have become one of the biggest attractions of Nature park Lonjsko polje's tourist offer.

Cruising the river to the confluence of the river Una and river Sava, sailing under the road and rail bridge and specific river landscape remain in tourists permanent and pleasant memories. Favorable hydrological conditions also allow sailing on river Una. 
A special convenience of Katarina 1 is very large deck space that allows conducting of educational, promotional, entertainment and gastronomic programs and offers during the trip.




Vožnja brodom (edukativno-turistička skela) „VODOMAR“

The Vodomar (which means kingfisher), a self-propelled raft for tourist and educational purposes designed and made by Zvomir Marčev of Drenov Bok has landing places in Drenov Bok and Krapje. It is 15 m long and has a registered capacity of 25 persons, providing a delightful trip on the Sava River. The attractive river landscape, with its galleries of willows and poplars, its traditional Posavina rural structures, its rich avian world, meanders and sandbanks are guaranteed to thrill and are ideal for an exclusive Posavina photo-safari. At the same time, the experienced commander of the river boat will reveal to you many interesting features about the Sava River you have never heard of before. A trip on the craft takes about 40 minutes.


All information about the timetable of rides on the Vodomar raft can be obtained from the Park Infocentre at 044/672-080 or 098/222-080 (Edvard Bogović) and the prices of the rides are shown on the pricelist of tourist services of the park.